Sample uniform pieces are available for sizing at the Blue Ash Soccer Village location. We highly recommend you visit to check the sizing as Nike pieces run small. Most players need a size larger than expected. The kits will be worn for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 seasons, so plan for growing room as well. Once items are printed, they cannot be returned.

TFA will have new uniform kits beginning Fall 2023.

2022-23 Season:

Please read through this entire page for specifics on what uniform pieces are required for your player.

Uniforms are ordered from Soccer Village Team Hub online. Instructions for creating/editing your account to access the 2021-2023 ordering modules are downloadable hereThe Club Code is TFA21.

TFA uniform kits for the 2021-2023 seasons are below. 

Our full kits for the 2021-23 seasons are comprised of:
1 White jersey
1 Navy jersey
1 pair of Navy shorts (new style)
2 pairs of Navy socks (same as previous style)
2 Gray training tees (same as previous style)

Elite teams (U10 and up, except G13 Elite) will also include 1 Volt jersey and 1 pair of Volt socks.

Full-time Goalkeepers have 2 GK jerseys (black and gray), and black shorts & socks (gray shorts & socks are available & optional).

Existing players may wear their previous navy socks and training tees. The shorts are different and 1 pair must be purchased (Players may wear previous shorts for trainings).

A Royal Blue long-sleeved jersey is available for those teams who require them (Check with your coach!). Long-sleeved training tees are also available for older teams who have outdoor winter training.

We recommend having at least 2 pairs of shorts (although only 1 is required). The shorts are worn for both trainings and games.

For Fall 2022: If your player has been promoted to the U10-U19 Elite team and only needs the Volt jersey and socks, or you need to order replacement or extra items but not a full kit, you may choose the TFA Extra Items & Spiritwear Package.

U8 (2015) and U9 (2014) Elite teams will NOT wear the Volt jersey and socks.

The ordering modules below are configured to include the required items for your team. Be sure to choose the correct module when creating/editing your player information.

TFA Elite (U10-U19) New Players: New player to the club placed on a U10 (2013) – U19 (2004) ELITE team.

TFA Elite (U10-U19) Returning Players: Players who played for TFA during the 2021-2022 seasons, placed on a U10 (2013)- U19 (2004) ELITE team for 2022-2023 AND NEED A FULL KIT.

TFA (U8-U19) New Players: New players to the club placed on a U8 (2015) – U19 (2004) Premier, Gold, Venom, or Vapor team.

TFA (U8-U19) Returning Players: Players who played for TFA during the 2021-2022 seasons, placed on a U8 (2015) – U19 (2004) Premier, Gold, Venom, or Vapor team; or U8 (2015) – U9 (2014) AND NEED A FULL KIT.

TFA Elite (U10-U19) Goalkeeper only: For Full-Time goalkeepers place on a U10 (2013) – U19 (2004) ELITE team. This kit does not include any of the field kit pieces.

TFA (U8-U19) Goalkeeper only: For Full-Time goalkeepers placed on a U8 (2015) – U19 (2004) Premier, Gold, Venom, or Vapor team; or U8 (2015) – U9 (2014) ELITE team. This kit does not include any of the field kit pieces.

If you have any questions regarding uniforms please contact the Uniform Coordinator.

Some teams require additional items such as long-sleeved jerseys, warm-up jackets, and/or backpacks. Check with coach or team admin for specifics.

Training suits and backpacks are also available, but not required. Spiritwear may be added to your uniform kit order, or ordered separately later.

Jersey numbers are assigned by the club and provided to Soccer Village. You do not need to have a jersey number to place your order.

Duplicate numbers within age groups will be reassigned for Fall 2022. Players with duplicate numbers will be contacted. Players who previously had used uniform kits will also be renumbered at the new uniform cycle.
1) The player who has been with the club the longest keeps the duplicate number. If 1 is equal:
2) The player who is on the higher level team keeps the duplicate number. If 2 is equal:
3) The player with the most family members in the club keeps the duplicate number. If 3 is equal:
4) The Uniform Coordinator will choose one player to reassign.

Uniform orders can be placed online with Soccer Village at any time.  You will have the option to have the order shipped to your home (additional cost) or shipped to one of the Soccer Village stores. 

Go to the Blue Ash Soccer Village store to try-on the uniform and get sizing information:  

Blue Ash Location
11427 Deerfield Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513)241-KICK (5425)

** Note that you will not be able to return merchandise that has been customized with a number or name.  So, be sure you try-on the uniforms to know what size is needed and make sure you order the correct size.

If you have multiple players in the club, you will need to place a separate order for each player so that orders are assigned to the correct team.  You will receive an email confirmation of your order.  Once all orders for the team have been received, the team order will be processed and your credit card will be charged at that time.  You will receive a second email notifying you that your credit card has been charged.

If you need technical assistance with the Soccer Village site, please contact:

Marion Johannigman
Office hours: Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm
Toll free number 1-800-483-2690, option 1
In Cincinnati 513-489-5425

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