Total Futbol Academy, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tryout Schedule – Fall

Fall 2022 Tryouts

If you are looking for Spring 2023/Supplemental tryouts, please click here.

Please note that under the new Ohio Soccer Association rules, current players may receive offers for the 2022-2023 seasons prior to tryouts. However, all players must register for tryouts in order to receive an offer.

GenderYear BornAge GroupDateTimeDate Time
Boys2016/2015U7/U8May 31st 5:30-6:45June 1st7:00-8:15
Girls2016/2015U7/U8May 31st 5:30-6:45June 1st 7:00-8:15
Boys2014U9May 31st 5:30-6:45June 1st 7:00-8:15
Girls2014U9May 31st 5:30-6:45June 1st 7:00-8:15
Boys2013U10May 31st 5:30-6:45June 2nd7:00-8:15
Girls2013U10May 31st 7:00-8:15June 2nd5:30-6:45
Boys2012U11May 31st7:00-8:15June 2nd5:30-6:45
Girls2012U11May 31st7:00-8:15June 2nd5:30-6:45
Boys2011U12May 31st7:00-8:15June 2nd5:30-6:45
Girls2011U12May 31st7:00-8:15June 2nd5:30-6:45
Boys2010U13June 1st5:30-6:45June 2nd7:00-8:15
Girls2010U13June 1st5:30-6:45June 2nd7:00-8:15
Boys2009U14June 1st5:30-6:45June 2nd7:00-8:15
Girls2009U14June 1st5:30-6:45June 2nd7:00-8:15
Boys2008U15June 6th5:30-6:45June 7th7:00-8:15
Girls2008U15June 6th5:30-6:45June 7th7:00-8:15
Boys2007U16June 6th5:30-6:45June 7th7:00-8:15
Girls2007U16June 6th5:30-6:45June 7th7:00-8:15
Boys2006U17June 6th7:00-8:15June 7th5:30-6:45
Girls2006U17June 6th7:00-8:15June 7th5:30-6:45
Boys2005/2004U18/U19June 6th7:00-8:15June 7th5:30-6:45
Girls2005/2004U18/U19June 6th7:00-8:15June 7th5:30-6:45

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Location:  TFA Harrison complex, 26299 S. State Street, West Harrison, IN 47060.

Important Documents:
Printable Tryout Flyer with Schedule
Tryout Parent Information
Tryout Zone Map
Tryout FAQs
What is Select Soccer

All questions about placement can be directed to the Coaching Director that oversees the specific age group:

 Boys/Girls U7-U10 Director of Youth Development John
 Boys/Girls U11-U14 Associate Director of Coaching Chase
 Boys/Girls U15-U19 Senior Director of Coaching Darren