TFA Select Tryouts

Total Futbol Academy offers open tryouts to all interested players for our select program.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world! It provides a great opportunity for our children to exercise, learn sportsmanship, teamwork and respect, make lifelong friends, and develop a love of the game. It is also an important part of our community… an activity in which hundreds of families share, enjoy and socialize.

Why does TFA Hold Tryouts
?:  Soccer tryouts are the best method the club has of evaluating players and forming teams according to strength. Competitive soccer, by definition, calls for the strongest players to be placed together to form the strongest possible teams to compete at the highest level possible.

TFA holds tryouts twice a year for our Select program, first in May/June of each year to assist in the formation of teams for the following fall, winter and spring seasons as well as a supplemental tryout in October/November. 

The tryout sessions will be held by age group and will consist of drills, exercises and scrimmages designed to allow the coaching staff to evaluate the skills, desire, attitude and potential of each player. Players will be placed on a team based upon their skill and competitive level. Existing TFA players must attend tryouts and will be re-evaluated for placement on teams. Through the implementation of these tryouts we can evaluate and place players appropriately, and in the case where a player cannot be placed, we will do everything possible to give prompt notification including an offer to play in our recreational program.

If at all possible, please plan to attend each day of tryouts for your age group. If you have to miss one of your scheduled dates, be sure to inform the TFA registration staff or the appropriate age group coordinator. 

About TFA:  Total Futbol Academy provides a high quality, affordable soccer program for over 1200 youth soccer players from around the Tri-State area. Our goal is to develop confident and skillful players who share a passion for the game.  By doing so, we are preparing them for success far beyond the soccer field. We will teach our players to conduct themselves with integrity, excellence and with the maturity of champions. We will strive to create an environment of mutual respect between players, coaches and parents. We believe that through this mutual respect the opportunity for learning is maximized, allowing each player to reach his/her true potential. We retain our own field complexes, maintained exclusively for our club. This gives us the flexibility we need to accommodate training and game schedules. Additionally, we host several successful, annual tournaments that raise thousands of dollars to help offset the expenses of running a successful soccer program. We share these profits with our membership in the form of lower fees for high caliber training! 

Individual Player Development:  We teach soccer skills used by professional players through individual training and small group play in a manner that is fun for players.  Our training is specifically tailored to challenge each player and team according to their needs.  We emphasize creativity of the individual player.

Staff:  TFA is host to many of the top professional trainers in the region led by our Executive Director of Coaching, Erik Schoening. 

TFA coaching staff contains scores of talent including: current/past professional and collegiate players, current/past collegiate and high school coaches, and national and state licensed trainers and coaches.  These instructors will make the game of soccer fun to play while also developing skilled, confident, creative soccer players. 

Programs:  Teams participating in TFA’s Select program compete in some of the most competitive and highest profile soccer leagues in the area. These leagues include:  Cardinal Premier League (CPL), The Premier League (TPL), The Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League (BPYSL), the Great Lakes Conference (GLC), the Ohio South State League (OSSL), the ECNL Great River Conference (ECNL) and the USYS National League (NL).  This wide variety of league play allows TFA teams to be placed into the best competitive environment to maximize their development as players and as teams. TFA’s Select program is a year-round program including fall and spring seasonal play as well as a winter training program.

TFA’s winter training program runs from early in January into March, just in time for the spring season to get started.

In addition, TFA offers summer training for those players who wish to continue their development throughout the entire year.

More information on all of TFA’s programs can be found throughout our website.

Fees: Fees for the fall and spring seasons consist of club fees and team fees.

            Club Fees include: league fees, player cards, coaching/training, field rental, maintenance and equipment and league referee coordinator fees. The club fees will be paid directly to the club via online payment. The club fee structure is based upon the age group, level of play, amount of training, type of coach (paid coach or volunteer coach) and level of commitment required by the players.  Refer to the Members Info>Fees page for details.

            Team Fees include: league referee fees, tournament fees and other costs specific to the team. The team fee is paid via check to the Coach or Team Administrator of your team. The team fee varies by team depending on the number of players on the team and the number of tournaments your team plays.

Uniforms: Uniforms are purchased from Soccer Village via their online ordering system.