TFA College Nights

Information below is from 2019. Updated information for 2022 is TBD.

The College Showcase kicks off this weekend. Over the next 6-8 weeks many of our teams will be playing in high level events. It is important that our players at TFA are making proper connections prior to these events with the schools that they are interested in. Senior Men’s Director Darren Gallagher and Senior Women’s Director Jay Kiley will be leading a conversation with our players about how to initiate contact with collegiate staff. Further touch points will be what the body of the email should contain, how to follow up with a collegiate coaching staff post event.

Here are the details: 

Tuesday, November 19th, discussion led by Senior Men’s Director Darren Gallagher:

Wednesday, November 20th, discussion led by Senior Women’s Director Jay Kiley:

Meeting will take place at TFA Harrison from 6:30-7:30 pm. 

All questions should be directed to each respective director. Much of the material overlaps genders so if one date works better for your schedule feel free to attend that discussion.