Below are details of the club fees for the 2023-2024 seasons as well as an explanation of each program.

Youth Development Program – birth years 2016-2015 (U8 & U9):

TFA’s main focus of our youth program is to create an atmosphere and an environment in practice and competition where players are challenged to be creative and solve problems. The main focus is on individual player development rather than team development or tactical priorities at these young ages. The development of technically superior soccer players is at the forefront of our player development curriculum.

Club Program – birth years 2012-2005 (U10 – U19):

TFA’s second tier teams compete at local and state levels. These teams receive coaching/training from qualified staff and will provide an opportunity for players to play competitive soccer while juggling other priorities. Players are expected to participate in two training sessions per week in the spring/fall. Participation on one of these teams will also provide (recommended) opportunities for additional winter and summer training. Players who have the desire to move to the next level of competition will be given the opportunity to work on improving their individual technical and tactical performance.

Premium Program – birth years 2012-2005 (U10 – U19):

TFA’s top competitive teams are composed of advanced players participating at the highest levels of competition: Buckeye Premier League (BPYSL), The Premier League (TPL), Ohio South State League (OSSL), Great Lakes Conference (GLC), The National League (NL), Girls Academy Rising (GAR) and upper divisions of the Cardinal Premier League (CPL).
Placement of teams within the various leagues and divisions is determined by the performance of the teams as indicated by league standings and other criteria.

Players must be committed to year-round soccer training. Players will be expected to participate in two to three training sessions per week in the spring/fall as well as additional technical training sessions as deemed necessary by the head coach. The number of practices and the requirement for attendance at practices and games will necessitate a very high degree of dedication on the part of all team players and their parents.

Additional Notes about fees:

**  Club fees include league fees, player cards, coaching/training, field rental, maintenance and equipment, and league referee coordinator fees.  Club fees are paid directly to the club via online payment.

** The Yearly Fee includes payment for the Fall and Spring seasons for 2016-2010 teams.  2009-2005 teams have only one select season (beginning in November), with the exception of the 2009 age group that may also have an additional fall season.  

** Winter training (all ages) and Speed & Agility (U11 and up) is included for all teams.

** Team fees are not reflected above.  Team fees vary by team and include:  league referee fees, tournament entry fees, coach travel fees, field rental fees, equipment, and other costs specific to the team.  Team fees are paid via check to the Coach or Team Administrator.  Each player on the team pays the same amount for team fees, regardless of player availability for games/tournaments. Guest players for tournaments do not pay to play, the tournament fees will have been covered by the rostered players.

2023-2024 Club Fees

* Families have the option to pay in full, or select an installment payment plan.  If the installment payment plan is selected, a nonrefundable deposit is required and there is a $3 per month service charge.  The remaining balance, after the nonrefundable deposit is paid, will be divided equally amongst the installments.  Payments are auto deducted from your credit card on the following dates:  7/15, 8/15, 9/15, 11/15, 1/15, 2/15, 3/15.

**  The U15 age group is unique in that some of these players are in 8th grade and some are in high school.  The 8th grade students will play with TFA in the fall, whereas, the high school students can play with their high school team in the fall.  For the 8th grade players (or possibly high school players) that will be playing with TFA in the fall, this is an additional season on top of the ‘normal’ high school select season.  There is an additional fee associated with this fall season.  The yearly fee for these players in the Demosphere registration system will combine the fall fee of $490 along with the regular high school select fee.

Birth YearAge Group SizeFinancial
Total for
Full Year 
Only ^
2017 Girls
2017/16 Boys Gold
U7/8 Recreational Invite – Spring Season Only $275/season $50 nonrefundable deposit
 2016 U8 7v7 Youth Development $610 $305 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2015 U9 7v7 Youth Development $700 $350 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2014 U10 7v7 Premium U10 $1,015 $558 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2014 U10 7v7 Club U10 $780 $440 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2013-2012 U11-U12 9v9 Premium U11-U12 $1,330 $715 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2013-2012 U11-U12 9v9 Club U11-U12 $1,140 $620 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2011-2010 U13-U14 11v11 Premium U13-U14 $1,405 $753 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2011-2010 U13-U14 11v11 Club U13-U14 $1,220 $660 $100 nonrefundable deposit
 2009 U15 11v11 Premium U15 (additional Fall season) $490 N/A $200 nonrefundable deposit
 2009 U15 11v11Club U15 (additional Fall season) $490 N/A $200 nonrefundable deposit
 2009 U15 11v11 Premium U15 N/A $1,130 $200 nonrefundable deposit
 2009 U15 11v11 Club U15 N/A $875 $200 nonrefundable deposit
 2008-2005 U16-U19 11v11 Premium U16-U19 N/A $1,130 $200 nonrefundable deposit
 2008-2005 U16-U19 11v11 Club U16-U19 N/A $875 $200 nonrefundable deposit

^ Spring fees include club winter training Jan – March