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The decision of which league your team will play in is collaboration between the team’s coaching staff and the club’s DOC’s. Make sure you check with TFA’s Directors of Coaching to determine if your team is participating in the CPL league. 

The information presented below is meant to be a guide for Coaches and Team Administrators of teams participating in the CPL or TPL League.  Always refer to the CPL website, https://cardinalpremier.demosphere-secure.com/, for the most up-to-date league information.  Questions regarding CPL registration can be directed to the Club Administrator at clubadministrator@tfacincinnati.com.

Topics Covered:

CPL Important Dates
New Team Registration (Note: all teams are considered new teams at the start of the Fall season)
Roster Changes During the Season
IN & KY Out-of-State Permission to Play
The Premier League (TPL)
League Schedules
Entering Game Scores
Referee Fees


Refer to the “Upcoming Events” on the CPL website, https://cardinalpremier.demosphere-secure.com/, for dates related to registration, schedules, start and end of season, etc.


Note:  All teams are considered “new teams” at the start of the Fall season each year.

With the use of Demosphere, team carding with the league is much more simplified as all leagues within Ohio Soccer Association are also using Demosphere.  Families upload birth certificates and photos for each player into their Demosphere accounts.   The only forms that you need to collect are the Indiana or Kentucky Out of State Permission to Play forms for players that reside in Indiana or Kentucky.  Refer to the section below titled “IN & KY Out-of-State Permission to Play” for details.

Refer to the Team Admin>Coach Responsibilities page of the website for the Risk Management process for coaches.

Steps to get your team carded/rostered with CPL or TPL:

1.  Confirm Roster – Confirm that all players have accepted and are listed with your team in Demosphere.  Confirm that your team has at least two Coaches assigned in Demosphere.  (You can have up to three.)  If there is a Team Admin, he/she should also be assigned to the team.

2.  Verify Photos – Verify that a photo has been uploaded for every player and coach in Demosphere.  It should be a head shot only.  No one else should be in the photo.  No sunglasses or hats.

3.  Player Proof of Birth – Demosphere will show a player as Verified or Not Verified.  Verified means that their birth certificate has already been approved in the system.  No action is needed.  If the player is Not Verified, it either means:  1. They have not upload a birth certificate yet, or 2.  The birth certificate has been uploaded, but has not yet been reviewed/approved.  You will not be able to see if a birth certificate is uploaded.  For the players that are Not Verified, just check with your families to verify that they did upload the BC.

4.  Out of State Forms (IN & KY) – Send the approved forms to clubadministrator@tfacincinnati.com.  See section below.

5.  Coach/Admin Risk Management – Verify that all coaches and admins have completed all Risk tasks.  (You will not be able to see this in Demosphere.)  Refer to the Team Admin>Coach Responsibilities page of the website for the Risk Management process.

6.  Once all these steps have been completed, send an email to clubadministrator@tfacincinnati.com, to let the Club Administrator know that your team is ready for review.

** Deadline:  Complete at least 2 weeks before your first game.

The Club Administrator will let you know if anything is missing in Demosphere for players or coaches.  The Club Administrator will then let you know when your approved cards and roster are ready for pick-up.


Teams that already have an approved roster for the seasonal year will use these steps to make subsequent roster changes.

Teams that do not already have an initial roster (including high school teams only playing in the spring) should refer to the NEW TEAM REGISTRATION section above.

     ** Note:  If you do not have any changes to your roster from the fall to the spring season, no action is required!

Overview for Roster Changes:

For a Transfer:  Obtain the Inter Team Transfer Form (signed by player & coach of team player is transferring from) (see Team Admin>Important Documents)

For a Player Quit:  Obtain the Voluntary Quit Form (this MUST be signed by player, parent and coach)(see Team Admin>Important Documents)

Send the Club Administrator:
1.  Player Name
2.  Current team name
3.  New club and team name
4.  A photo of the current player card, cut in half, as proof that it has been destroyed.
5.  Completed Transfer or Player Quit Form

The club with the incoming transfer will initiate the transfer in the Demosphere system.  Our Club Administrator will either initiate the transfer or contact the Club Administrator for the other club to initiate the transfer, as appropriate.

Once the transfer is final in Demosphere and all required paperwork is received, a new card and roster will be provided.


Players that are residents of Indiana or Kentucky must complete the Out-of-State Permission to Play form for that respective state.  This form is good for an entire seasonal year (Fall and Spring seasons).  The form must be remitted to the state along with the required payment, if applicable.  The state will return an approved form and the approved form should be included with the registration paperwork.  Note that it might take a few weeks for the form to be processed by the state.


Players that reside in Indiana must complete an Out of State Permission to Play form to get clearance from Indiana to play in Ohio.  If you have Indiana players, reach out to them to complete this online form.

Click on the link below to get to Indiana Soccer’s website for information:


Required information:

State Association: OSA (Ohio Soccer Association)
Club Name:  Total Futbol Academy
League:  e.g. Cardinal Premier League (CPL)
Age Group:  U8, etc.


Players that reside in Kentucky must complete an Out of State Permission to Play form to get clearance from Kentucky to play in Ohio.  If you have Kentucky players, reach out to them to complete this online form.

Click on the link below to access the online form:

Kentucky Out-of-State Permission Form

Required information:
League:  e.g. Cardinal Premier League (CPL)


CPL’s premier league is called TPL.  

Link to Website


Refer to the CPL website’s Upcoming Events for important dates:  brackets posted, self scheduling may being, first game may be played, season ends.

Once final brackets are posted, contact your opponents to begin scheduling games.  Be prepared with a list of your tournaments and any other conflicts you must work around when scheduling games. 

Refer to the CPL League Playing Rules for additional information regarding CPL rules, including pre-play and post-play rules.

Refer to the “CPL – Guide for Team Pages” document on the Team Admin>Important Documents page of our website, for steps on how to enter home games into the CPL website.


Refer to the “CPL – Guide for Team Pages” document on the Team Admin>Important Documents page of our website, for steps on how to enter game scores.

The winning team (or Home team in the case of a tie) should enter the game score onto the website no later than 10:00 pm the night on the day the game was scheduled.

This is also the area in which you will enter new dates for games if they are rescheduled.


Refer to the “Referee Fees” document on the Team Admin>Important Documents page of our website, for the referee fees for each league.