Coach Responsibilities

All coaches are responsible for completing the following items.  Questions can be directed to the Club Administrator at

TFA Coaches should complete the following:

1.  Provide the Club Administrator with your contact information.
2.  Create a Demosphere account.
3.  Complete Risk Management/SafeSoccer.
4.  Attend Team Admin meeting.
5.  Review the Team Administration Guidelines.
6.  Review the Club Travel Policy.
7.  Complete Form W-9 if a paid coach.

Contact the Club Administrator

Contact the Club Administrator at and provide your email address.   You will be added to communications being sent to coaches and admins.  If you are a Head Coach, a TFA forwarding email address will be created for you.

If you are a Head Coach, provide the Club Administrator with the names and email addresses of your Assistant Coach(es) and Team Administrator.

Create a Demosphere account

Go to and create a Demosphere account.  Let the Club Administrator know once this has been done.  Be sure to upload a head shot photo to your account which will be needed for carding.

Refer to the Demosphere Guide_Coaches-Admins document for details on how to view your team contact information in Demosphere.

Complete Safe Soccer / Risk Management

Safe Soccer includes:

  • Background check (biennial requirement)
  • Concussion training (biennial requirement) *
  • SafeSport training (annual requirement)
  • Lindsay’s Law waiver (annual requirement)

The Safe Soccer process is managed by Player’s Health.  To access, either:

  1. Click on the link provided in the email received (if you receive one) or….
  2. Use this link:
    • Note:  This link is different from the one you usually use to access your Demosphere account
    • Use the same username and password that you use for Demosphere
    • Once you login, you should see a pop-up message to complete the Safe Soccer process in the Player’s Health system.  Click “Begin Process” to get to Player’s Health.
      • Or, if you don’t get the pop-up, navigate to the “My Account” section on the dashboard, and then the “Risk Mgmt” tab. Risk Mgmt Tab

Once logged in, it will prompt you to complete anything that is required.  If you are prompted to complete a background check, email Club Administrator to request a code to cover the $18 fee.  Please do not share codes with others.  Each code can only be used so many times and the Club Administrator is keeping track of who the code is given to.  If you need to complete the Concussion or SafeSport trainings, you will be provided links to do so.

*Concussion training:  Either the CDC Heads Up or NFHS concussion training is accepted.  The training is taken outside of Player’s Health and then uploaded in.

For more info:

New Coach Safe Soccer Instructions

Returning Coach Safe Soccer Instructions

For assistance:

  • If you need assistance getting logged into the Player’s Health site, contact Demosphere Support, or 1-800-949-9440, Option 2.
  • If you need assistance with the Safe Soccer process after you have already gotten into Player’s Health, contact Player’s Health Support, or 1-612-345-9683.

Attend Team Admin Meeting

Attend the Team Admin meeting held by the Club Administrator, or watch the meeting recording if the meeting was already held.

Review Team Administration Guidelines

Review the Team Administration_Guidelines for Coaches document.

Review the Club Travel Policy

Review the Travel Policy document.

Complete Form W-9

If you are a paid coach, complete the Form W-9 and scan and email to the Treasurer.  This form should be completed every year.