Apply to the Fall Ball Classic

Welcome to the Fall Ball Classic!

Boys & Girls: September 30 – October 1, 2023

Deadline to apply: September 7, 2023

We are looking forward to your team’s participation and great competition throughout the entire weekend! We welcome those soccer teams that are new to our soccer tournament and teams that make the Fall Ball Classic Soccer Tournament an annual event. We expect that you will have a great tournament experience.

 **Important Note if registering prior to August 1:  Do not update your team’s age group! GotSport’s system automatically updates your age group on August 1. So if you have gone into your team profile and moved your team to a new age group, GotSport will then be prompted to move you up another age group when their system switches over. Example: If you played U10 in the Spring, you should still be listed as U10 and GotSport will automatically move you to U11. If you changed it to U11 manually, then GotSport will bump you to U12.

Boys & Girls Teams Apply Here

Coaches with multiple teams: Please be sure to have yourself listed as Head Coach on both teams with the exact same name. This will flag you in the GotSport system to avoid conflicts when scheduling. Teams may note multi-team coaches and any scheduling requests on the submitted application. Please recognize the difficulty of honoring all requests. We will do our very best, but cannot guarantee all requests.

Credit Cards can be submitted online.  (this is preferred method (no additional fees) unless you are paying for multiple teams)

Please make checks payable to TFA, list confirmation # on check and mail along with a copy of your registration confirmation to: 

Total Futbol Academy
PO Box 45
Cleves, OH 45002