AED Locations at TFA Fields

Through the generosity of the Matthew Mangine Jr. foundation ( and the hard work of a dedicated group of parents and Board members, TFA has acquired AEDs for our facilities.  We certainly hope they will never be needed, but in the event they are, this is to share their location with all TFA Members. 

Please see the location on the satellite photos as well as the photo of the actual placement.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with their locations.  If you ever see one missing, please send an email to  

TFA North – 7880 Harrison Avenue, Cleves, OH 45002
Location: Back of building next to garage door.


TFA South – 7711 Harrison Ave, Cleves, OH 45002
Location – back of barn, corner closest to fields.

TFA Harrison – 26299 S. State St., West Harrison, IN 47060 – 2 Units

#1 – Under pavilion by concession window.


#2 – In the back fields, over the railroad tracks, close to the intersection of the driveways (near portolet/tree).