TFA acquires AEDs and Training

At our TFA coaches meeting Sunday night, we went through AED training. The hope is that we never have to use them, but in the case where we might need to, most of the coaching staff has been shown how to give chest compressions and utilize the AED, and those who missed this training will attend soon.

The club will have 5 AEDs, 4 will be located at our TFA venues where we train and play: there will be two at TFA Harrison, one at TFA North, and one at TFA South.

See AED Locations at TFA Fields

Thank you to the Mangine family, who donated all the equipment. Their son Matthew’s heartbreaking story was on Outside the Lines on ESPN. They created a foundation in his memory, which helps donate these lifesaving devices to organizations and schools. You can watch the story below; I encourage everyone to do so:

A special thank you goes out to all who were involved in helping us acquire the AEDs and taking the time to teach our coaching staff how to use them: Josh Clarke, Sarah O’Connor, Michael Obert, Betsy Bonifas, Linda Mueller, Lauren White. The most important item that we as coaches are tasked with is providing a safe environment. This is our commitment to our players and families.

Erik Schoening
Executive Director of Coaching
Total Futbol Academy